Sound Fountains for tinnitus relief, sound  masking, and relaxation
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Tinnitus Relief Sound Fountains

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In the past indoor water fountains have been designed almost totally for their visual effect. Auditory output of these fountains is generally a consequence of their visual designs and has not generally been a conscious part of the design process. Consequently, many indoor water fountains produce narrow spectrum "bright" sounds that over time can be distracting, annoying or overpowering.

In contrast our Sound Fountains are the first fountains that we are aware of that generate wide spectrum sound specifically designed for their sound while not compromising their visual appeal.

We have called our fountains Sound Fountainstm because the focus of their design has been their sound characteristics. Our fountains can be used to help tinnitus sufferers habituate to tinnitus. We also designed our Sound Fountains to be artful complements to the home of office environment. Our sound fountains are unobtrusive and scaled for desk, coffee table, kitchen counter or bedroom night stand. Being fountains, they do not bring attention to a person's your tinnitus as is the case of sound generators or electronic white noise generators. As added benefits, persons without tinnitus find the fountains pleasing to listen to and an aid to relaxation and sleep. The fountains also help mask obtrusive environmental noises and make a helpful solution to working in a noisy office environment. They can also be placed in psychologist and psychiatrist waiting rooms to help insure doctor-patient privacy and in dental waiting rooms to help reduce patient anxiety.

While there is no cure for tinnitus, our Sound Fountains can help the tinnitus sufferer is the following ways:

  • Sound Fountains generate a wide sound spectrum that encompasses the dominant frequencies of most persons' perceived tinnitus
  • Sound Fountains provide a natural sound background so that the tinnitus sufferer does not experience silence (which exacerbates the perception of tinnitus)
  • Sound Fountains can help persons habituate to their tinnitus
  • Sound Fountains can be used in conjunction with treatment therapies such as tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) and cognitive retraining therapy (CRT).
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