Sound Fountains for tinnitus relief, sound  masking, and relaxation
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The SonaCubetm

a Sound Fountain for Tinnitus Relief, Noise Masking, and Sleep

Designed by Gary Fisher

The Cube Fountain in bloack acrylic for tinnitus relief, relaxation and meditation The Cube Fountain in white acrylic for tinnitus relief, relaxation and meditation
The SonaCube
in Gloss Black Acrylic
The SonaCube
in Gloss White Acrylic

The SonaCubetm is designed for relief from the annoyance of tinnitus and as aid in falling and staying asleep. Its minimalist cube design makes an unobtrusive statement in the home, office and bedroom. Watch and listen as a random profusion of visually compelling air bubbles and water effects continuously modify the sound radiating from the SonaCube. A translucent blue acrylic top plate is provided for attenuating the sound level of the fountain when used as a sleeping aid.

The SonaCubetm is precision made and hand fabricated from solvent-sealed and reinforced acrylic sheet, rod and tubing. Guaranteed not to leak or malfunction for one year, The SonaCube requires virtually no maintenance and will provide years of trouble-free operation.


  • proprietary technology produces pleasing waterfall to babbling brook to rain shower - like sounds along with dynamic visual effects
  • Natural sound relief for tinnitus sufferers
  • Masks environmental noise
  • excellent as a sleep aid
  • unique design


  • Sleek contemporary design suitable for home or office use
  • Gloss Black acrylic or gloss white vessel with textured bubble chamber
  • 6" square by 6" tall sound vessel
  • Hand-finished wood sound isolating base with adjustable leveling feet
  • Propretary sound and visual technology
  • User modifiable sound
  • Powerful and quiet submersible pump
  • Made in the United States by our company, ArtSciDesign, LLC.
  • Reliable, robust design
  • one-year guarantee to not leak or malfunction

Click to see bubble chamber details

Since the SonaCube is hand-fabricated by us, please allow 10 working days for final assembly and testing. We use PayPal Services to securely process your credit card order. You don't have to have a PayPal account for your order to be securely processed. Our company, ArtSciDesign, LLC will appear on your billing statement.
If you have any questions, please E-mail us at

Limited warranty and disclaimer

The Cube Sound Fountain in gloss black

The SonaCubetm
(gloss black)
Product Code: SONA-BK

The Cube Sound Fountain in gloss white

The SonaCubetm
(gloss white)
Product Code: SONA-WT

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