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The Rain Foresttm Sound Fountain

Designed Specifically for Tinnitus Relief and Noise masking

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The Rain Forest Fountain - he;lps habituate to tinnitus
The Rain Foresttm Sound Fountain in mandarin orange

The RainForesttm Sound Fountain is a translucent resin cube incorporating our proprietary bubble chamber technology. The Rain Forest is designed as a sleep aid and to provide relief from the annoyance of tinnitus.


  • Unique bubble chamber technology produces pleasing broad band sounds and dynamic visual effects
  • Natural sound relief for tinnitus sufferers
  • Masks environmental sounds


  • Sleek contemporary design suitable for home or office use
  • Translucent resin pyramid with acrylic bubble chamber
  • 7 ¼" high, 7 ¼" wide at the top
  • 4 ¼" square black acrylic sound isolating base with leveling feet
  • Patent-pending sound and visual technology
  • Powerful and quiet submersible pump
  • Made in the United States by our company, ArtSciDesign, LLC.
Rainforest Sound Fountain

“I have had chronic persistent tinnitus for over a year and have just started tinnitus retraining therapy. This therapy in addition to directive counseling requires the use of 24 hour sound enrichment from both in ear sound generators and from a table top source. The most appropriate sounds are those found in nature to help one habituate to tinnitus more rapidly and the “Rain Forest” fountain seems to be the perfect choice. It emits a pleasing babbling brook sound that helps direct my attention away from the tinnitus and is far superior to the recorded sounds from table top machines. Even if you’re not undergoing tinnitus retraining therapy, the “Rain Forest” fountain should provide welcome relief to tinnitus sufferers. I highly recommend it!”
Douglas, S.
Rye Brook, NY

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