Sound Fountains for tinnitus relief, noise masking and relaxation
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Sound Fountainstm

Designed for Tinnitus Relief,
Noise Masking, and Sleep

Sound Fountainstm are water fountains designed primarily for their sound quality. By providing wide spectrum background sound they reduce the perception of tinnitus.  They also aid in falling asleep and staying asleep by masking annoying or distracting environmental sounds. 

Employing proprietary technologies, Sound Fountains use water and air in resonant chambers to generate sound fields that can partially or completely mask brain-induced "ringing in the ears".

What Are their Benefits?

Tinnitus Relief

  • reduction of the annoyance of brain-induced tinnitus sounds
  • help tinnitus sufferers habituate to their tinnitus
  • may initiate temporary residual inhibition of tinnitus in some individuals
  • supplements clinical techniques such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
  • increases background sound level to decrease tinnitus perception while awake
  • increases background sound level to decrease tinnitus perception while falling asleep

Noise Masking

  • produce harmonious, non-invasive sound that helps mask intrusive noise, speech, or music
  • aids concentration and relaxation by providing a neutral background sound environment.

Sleep Aid

  • helps mask intrusive noise, that interferes with sleep.

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